About Us

A unique venture fund with a unique focus

More satellites will launch in the next 3 years than exist in space after 60 years of past launches.
In 2017, one-third of these will be launched from India.
Who will back the space startups in India which will capture this opportunity?

India is the world’s number 1 importer of defence electronics. The Govt. mandates 30% of import value to be bought locally.
Who will back the defence and electronics startups who will own this $2B?

India has the world’s #2 population of Android phones.
270m+. Growing at 30% annually.
A huge platform for devices that connect to mobile phones
Who will back the Indian startups operating in home automation, agricultural sensors, medical probes, water purity testers, weather stations, digital audio amps and other large untapped markets?

Exceed Electron Fund, that's who!

We are a new-age venture fund focusing on underserved nascent marketing in India which are on the cusp of breaking out into billion-dollar markets over the next decade. Our team consists of domain experts, top-performing VC professionals and practicing startup enterpreneurs - just the right mix to write a new chapter in venture investing in India.